Saturday, June 6, 2009


I had planned to make homemade pizza Thursday night. I was so proud of myself for making the dough the night before and letting it proof in the fridge all day. Will and Allison were coming to stay with us (for Tim's wedding), and pizza's a pretty easy meal. Then we found out that more friends were coming! Todd and Rachel, friends from out of town, and James. We were super-happy to have them, but had to redo the menu. We ended up getting pizzas from Sam's and making some hot wings. And I did make a good pan of brownies! (Decreased the sugar by 1/2 cup and added white choc chips, no nuts!!)

So then I had this leftover pizza dough just hanging out in the fridge. Today it fulfilled its doughy mission and became calzones.

I used Pizza Dough III, which is the stickiest dough I've come across! The dough tasted fine, but it wasn't good enough to repeat. Used the same pizza sauce (Exquisite Pizza Sauce) as for the Stuffed Crust Pizza. Love that sauce! I cooked it on the stove for a bit since it was being served as a dipping sauce and not going to bake in the oven.

I filled one calzone with turkey pepperoni and fontina/havarti cheese (leftover from fondue last night), which was far superior to the sausage and cheese one.

These were great after a long day in class. We took the pooch for a walk afterward to burn off some of those calories! Met a nice lady and her bichon, Romeo. So cute!

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