Friday, May 1, 2009

First up--enchiladas!

I decided it would be kind of cool to keep a journal of what I cook, and these days the easiest way to get me to write anything is to put it online. Sometimes there will be a recipe, sometimes not. So here we go!

Last night I made some pretty tasty enchiladas, using the enchilada sauce that I had left over from taking tamales to potluck on Sunday. I usually make enchiladas with flour tortillas (since I always have them around), but last night I used corn. Very nice! They still fell apart, just like flour. I didn't have any beef or pork handy, so I filled them with rice (cooked with cumin seed and garlic powder, then flavored with lime juice and cilantro) and pintos. One thing I didn't like, those poor little corn tortillas are so much smaller than I'm used to! I could barely fit anything in them and still get them rolled up! Next time, I'll make sure to mix the filling with enchilada sauce, because the corn tortillas have much more of a flavor than the flour, so the filling ended up tasting kind of bland. However, topped off with some of Allen's Tapatio hot sauce, it was pretty good!

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